4th PRCCC Meeting

PRCCC 4th Meeting (August23, 2013)

Informe Consejo Cambios Climáticos de Puerto Rico – Ernesto Díaz, Director del Programa de Manejo de la Zona Costanera

Lessons Learned on Social Vulnerability: Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change – Dra. Jenniffer M. Santos Hernández, Center for Social Research, UPR Río Piedras

The Impacts of Urbanization/Urban Development in the Climate of Puerto Rico – Dr. Angel Torres Valcarcel, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University

Developing high-resolution, island-centric projections of ecologically relevant climate variables for Puerto Rico: a foundation for adaptation strategies – Jaime A. Collazo & Adam J Terando, USGS NC Cooperative Research Unit and Southeast Climate Science Center, North Carolina State University, Cooperativa para la Conservación del Paisaje en el Caribe

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