7th PRCCC Meeting

Puerto Rico Climate Change Council Annual Meeting: Spotlight on Coastal Municipalities of Puerto Rico (April, 7, 2016)

Welcome and Results of COP 21 (Paris, 2015)  Hon. Carmen R. Guerrero Pérez,  Secretary of the DNER

Council Report – Ernesto Díaz, Director of the Coastal Zone Program and Climate Change Office

Panel: Observed and Projected Events in the Face of Climate Change

Diurnal air temperature range in PR 1950-2014- Dr. Rafael Méndez Tejeda, UPRC

Rate of change observable in rainfall measurements – Odalys Martínez, NWS

New precipitation projections – Dr. William Gould, USDA-IITF/CLCC

Sea surface temperature trends observed – Prof. Julio Morell, UPRM

Ocean acidification – Melissa Meléndez, CariCOOS

Sea level riseProf. Aurelio Mercado, UPRM

Projected climate trends in Puerto Rico – Prof. Mark Jury, UPRM

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre: Mission and Projects –   Dr. Ulrich Trotz, Director and Science Advisor, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

Status of the Beaches in Puerto Rico – Dr. Maritza Barreto, UPR-RP Coastal Geomorphology Laboratory

Puerto Rico’s Wave Climate: Implications for Coastal Protection Strategies in Response to Climate Change  Dr. Miguel Canals, UPRM CariCOOS

National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards – Cheryl Hapke, Center Director, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, USGS 

The Corps of Engineers and Coastal Risk Management – Kelly Legault, Coastal Engineer, Coastal Navigation Section, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,  Jacksonville, FL

Lessons Learned from 90 Years of U.S. Beach Preservation Advocacy   Nicole Elko, Vice President, American Shore & Beach Preservation Association, Inc.

Case Studies in Puerto Rico: Climate Change Adaptation Plans in the Municipalities of  Culebra – Wanda Crespo, Estudios Técnicos, Dorado – Jenniffer Santos, UPR-RP, and RincónFernando Pages, Tetratech

Resilient Cities: Municipality of San Juan – Alejandra Castrodad, Office of Resiliency

Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network – Dr. Pablo Méndez Lázaro, UPR